OTC Lock

Operating with One-time Combination

  • Unlimited user with 4 digit user Pin
  • Set Task with different time bar for different user
  • Three different opening Method

a) Via Server Generated OTC
b) Via Mobile app generated OTC
c) Via Bluetooth

  • Close seal to complete the operation
  • Mobile app with user ID and password secure
  • Duress alarm Feature
  • Low battery signal
  • Audit Events

System Description and Operations

  • Each lock is identified by a unique 8-bytes serial number SN.
  • Each user is identified by a 4-digits personal identification number (PIN)
  • One time valid opening codes (OTC’s) are generated by a remote computer where web software with locks and users information database is installed as a virtual machine.
  • System supervisors access the web server software from any web browser using their login name and password. They define which user can open what locks at what time and assign a consequent “opening” task to the desired user.
  • Users will retrieve currently assigned tasks by logging to the web server from their smartphone APP identifying themselves with login name and password
  • All operations are automatically managed by the system that keeps track of open tasks without the need for the supervisor to monitor operations in real time.
  • Locks generated closing seal securely finalize each opening task once the lock is closed after a valid opening process
  • A fully detailed log of all operations is stored in the web server with all required information which can be retrieved at any time for investigating purposes
  • Web software provides for a fully detailed and customizable “dashboard” where system current status is displayed: number of tasks currently open, number and type of locks currently managed, number of users with currently assigned tasks, medium time between operations and so on.

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